Handmade from fire hose




Hi Jed-Many thanks for the Firehosewatchstrap. Looks exellent, I am very satisfied! I will once again report to you for another order in the future. Thankyou for your efforts-Martin_Switzerland. www.Go2Fire.com


Unique, handmade, helpful vendor-Portomaso_UK.


Fantastic strap! Looks even better than on the photos and comfortable to wear-Rokurota_Thailand.


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Blue hose belt now available.


ARD buckles obtained from WatchObsession (for all your watch needs)-Great service, great site. Buckles arrive the next day.


Firehosestraps watch straps/belts/cuff links now available from the following outlets;


Synergy Craft and Design Studios-101 Central Promenade, Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland.


.F.E.McWILLIAM-GALLERY & STUDIO-Banbridge, 200 Newry Road, County Down,Northern I


I started making watch straps for myself and friends a few years ago. I am now happy with my designs and workmanship.


I trained as a carpenter and have transfered those intricate skills to strap work. This material is very leather like in feel and is re-engineered and worked using a mixture of wood and leather tools.


I hand sew the straps in a workshop above my garage using only hand tools and traditional methods. I believe this makes each strap a unique 'one off'.





Angus Duraline Type 3 fire hose is made of a specially formulated high grade synthetic rubber. It is extruded through a polymide woven jacket to give a strong minimum stretch, abrasion and chemical resistant material that is used by fire services the world over.


Raised lines over a subtle dimpled exterior are there to protect the hose whilst its being dragged towards the fire. The inside has a relatively smooth textured finish to prevent friction loss. Approx 2.5-3mm thick-Totally waterproof.


These patterns in small pieces give the straps their unique detailed finish and can be made either way around. This stuff could have been made especially for watch bands.


At the moment  I am making a two peice strap (The Duo) and a twist on the two piece (The Invincible)- And a really big strap (The Belt).


Unique, glow in the dark-recessed 'F' logo buckle.

All buckles are stainless steel.


Feel free to enquire about any 'one off' designs or slight tweeks to my own.


All straps are hand sewn by me using a needle and thread. I use natural (off white) waxed 4ply linen thread-unless otherwise requested.


Turn around is normally one week.